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Eight Karats Cloud9 Sleepbeautox Supplement

Eight Karats Cloud9 Sleepbeautox Supplement

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Cloud9 is an advanced sleep aid supplement that combines science and nature to bring you the one-stop solution for weight-loss, glowing skin, mood enhancement, stress relief and better digestive health while having quality sleep. Bid goodbye to restless nights and hello to a refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated you with Cloud9!

☁️Promotes quality sleep

☁️Promotes fat reduction while you sleep

☁️Supports collagen regeneration

☁️May help to reduce stress

☁️Promotes good mood

☁️Supports digestive health

Volume: 3g x 15 Sachets

Directions: 1-2 Sachets, at least 1 hour before you sleep

Caution: If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please consult a doctor before consumption.

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